Rush Card Customer Service Contact Number

Rush Card offers the detail of customer service for its existing as well as potential customers that can help them in conveying their feedback of its products and services. As a customer of the Rush Card, if you face any query, feedback, complaint or suggestions related to its products and services then you can contact the Rush Card customer service team through its contact detail, email id as well as customer service number that may or may not be tollfree. Rush Card has shown its customer service address detail for its customers that are shown below.
Address detail : PO Box 42482, Cincinnati, Ohio, OH 45242, United States
customer service number : +1-866-787-4227

Rush Card Customer Service Number

Email address : [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Below, we are showing a complaint box, where you can post your experiences, complaints, queries, feedback or any type of problem related to the products and services of the Rush Card.
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Comments (70) on Rush Card

Carolyn Boggs:

I have been waiting for 7 business days now for my funds to be released. I was told 3-5 business days. Your company needs to do their job and put my money back on my card! Please and Thank You.Posted on Sep 09, 2016


I have been a member for almost 3 years and this hasn't happen to me before I always get paid the day before i get paid and today my load isn't on my card and i have noway to contact service rep or anyone this is so not professional at all and hopefully my load will show in the morning and if it don't how and who will i be able to contact to get it fixed.Posted on Sep 02, 2016


I've been trying to contact a customer service rep so I can see why my direct deposit wasn't posted to my card today like it normally is a day before my pay day. This isn't right at all we cant talk to anyone.Posted on Sep 02, 2016

Jessica Knox:

I need to speak to a representative from Rushcard customer service, i am calling the number all I'm getting is a computer service when I ask to speak to a representative, it's IMPOSSIBLE! I need to speak to a representative Please i would like to speak to a representative on the phone.Posted on Aug 28, 2016

Christopher Daniels:

My name is Christopher Daniels and I've been trying to get my rushcard back active for about 2 weeks now. I thought I lost my card and emailed rushcard right away, but I found it right after that. 2 hours later my card was hold status. I used it right after I found and emailed rushcard right back to let them know I found my card but something told me check my account and when I did it was on hold, I've been trying ever since to get it off hold and I am getting no were.Posted on Aug 27, 2016

Veronica Manuel:

You know whenever I call RushCard I cannot get a customer service representative on the phone because I need to find out about my $39.55 refund that I have not received.Posted on Aug 27, 2016

Rafael Harris:

My Rushcard was damaged I called to get it replaced and 4-5 months later still haven't received it. I would just like a new card. Posted on Aug 26, 2016

Fuck rush card:

I cancelled my rush card today, it's so hard to get a live customer service representative on the phone. I can't trust you guys with my money. Walmart card is way better.Posted on Aug 25, 2016


I am trying to get routing number and checking. My card has not arrive in mail i was told to contact y'all next day to get info. i cant get a live person. i need this information. i have email already no response.Posted on Aug 22, 2016

Lacresia Seals:

I recently noticed that I was double and tripled charge on some of my purchases. So far I have counted $49 of overcharges. I haven't been able to talk to a live person and I am highly upset and ready to end business with Rushcard. I need a live agent..Posted on Aug 20, 2016

Tamieka Small:

Been trying to reach a live agent. there's nothing on automated system for live contact!! This is a disgrace! 3139260596. Tamieka SmallPosted on Aug 20, 2016


Y'all shitty as hell there's not a customer service representative that we can't actually too about our card if it was stolen with our hard earn money on there y'all a piece of shit. Than on the email it says they'll get back to you in 2 days, in 2 days all my fucking money will be off my fucking card.Posted on Aug 19, 2016

James Lyons:

I can't seem to get a rep by phone and on line acct. Say to activate. I can't get in to deposit a check. Online management not working. I need to talk to someone. It has no propt for talking to a rep when I call.Posted on Aug 19, 2016

James Lyons:

I can't seem to get a rep by phone and on line acct. Say to activate. I can't get in to deposit a check. Online management not working.Posted on Aug 19, 2016

Diana Ford:

Its sad that you can not speak to a live representative. I've called and emailed. I shouldn't have to wait 12 hrs for a email back. Why say 24/7 available customer service. That's False information.Posted on Aug 18, 2016

Jeffrey Andrews:

I've loaded! $20 dollars on my prepaid card! I've been trying to get it activated! And your voice message keeps saying I need to activate my card, I tried it once it wouldn't let me through! How do I activate my card!Posted on Aug 18, 2016

Deyvi carrasco:

2 weeks ago my load posted and I checked my card it disappeared now today it's doing it again what is going on with rushcard I can't pay my bill after I get my money out I will not be using rushcard ever again you can't get a real person on the phone my car insurance is due and can't get the money out I hope y'all are planning on refunding everybody's money back..Posted on Aug 17, 2016

Denise Puryear:

I have been try 2 talk 2 a rep. for over an hr.this is a problem. All I need is the I.D. and Rt number and I can't get that. It doesn't make sense that a person spends all that time and don't get the answers the need..Posted on Aug 17, 2016

Shonnon Grant:

how you guys block my card did not call me or anything let me know what's going on cannot get a hold of a live operator to find out what's going on with my card I have rent that is due by Wednesday this is crazy and I'm so not going for this anymore I'm going to move my money out this account guy needs it releases block off my account and let me get my money back...Posted on Aug 16, 2016

Natavia Walker:

This is very unprofessional of u guys at rush!! You're holding my money for what reason? Release my $76.03 the same way you took it!! Fast!! Its my money and it should not be pending at all!! I will not be adding money to the rush card again because it seems like a SCAM!!Posted on Aug 13, 2016

Kristal Brown:

No one has contacted me in 4 days & my account is blocked you said 12 hours I am about to call a lawyer because I think this company is being fraudulent stealing from the poor I've been a loyal customer. I don't understand why I am being treated so poorly.Posted on Aug 11, 2016

Tatrice Johnson:

I'm canceled my account with Rushcard i haven't got my from Rushcard you just lost a customer like today Rushcard some bs i email Rushcard keep sending me the same reply it not helping me with anything i very disappointed Rushcard i'm done it was nice doing business with Rushcard bye?Posted on Aug 11, 2016

Natavia Walker:

I made a deposit on 8/7/2016 and somehow it disappeared. I want my money placed back on my card and I have called and sent emails and nobody is responding. Very unprofessional!!Posted on Aug 11, 2016

Alberto Castillo:

I have money on my card and Rush did not send me a new card when mine expired. Now I can't talk to a real person. I'm very anger !Posted on Aug 11, 2016


this RushCard sucks I am so tired of not being able to get a hold of a live operator is driving me crazy if I am going to use this card I need a way to contact a live person I am tired of this computer which repeats the exact same thing over and over and over again it is no help I need someone to call me and tell me what I need to do my name is Anthony McIntosh and my number is 918-734-4918 I am sick of this RushCard and the customer service is sucks if I don't get some kind of help I am going to kill this card and I'm going to cut it up and throw it away...Posted on Aug 10, 2016


You guys have three numbers to contact yous, but yet all I get is recordings, really how the hell you suppose to talk to anyone when it's recordings and won't transfer you to customer service? Money is of my card and get talk to anyone,will loose my business and support for your card and will be letting friends, and family, and people in general that Rush card is a bad plan and service! What a way to run your business, total suck!Posted on Aug 09, 2016

Barbara Ransom:

I had a company refund me my money back and they said it shouldn't take more then 3 days that was 07/26/2016 for 101.82 it is well over the three days I am wondering how long will it take and why is it taking you guys so long if the company has sent it back already. There should be a live person that you should be able to talk to this is a poor decision for a company for there not to be a live person we can talk to I have been a member for a long time and I am really thinking about closing my account.Posted on Aug 05, 2016

katassica white:

I can never get a live person on the PHONE. I'm very frustrated with rush card services and will no longer be a customer..Posted on Aug 04, 2016

Kameesha Pinkins:

I have been calling this number for the past hour and a half and still unable to get to a representative unprofessional not too happy with the services that's rendering as a right now..Posted on Aug 03, 2016


I call RushCard about a suspicious activity on my RushCard account and when I talk to a representative he said he was going to dispute the amount and he cancelled my card without my permission and I just want to know when will my Rush card come in the mail because I've been waiting I don't have no confirmation number I don't have no no number to where I can track my Rush card and my money is on my RushCard and I'm just waiting I want to get more information on what's going to happen with my RushCard is they going to send me another one out they just cancel my RushCard and that was it I don't I'm not aware another Rush card being sent out or anything so I'm just confused right now...Posted on Aug 02, 2016

Karen Kendall:

I would like to know why my deposit isn't in yet? It always come 2 days before my regular day and its not in my account..Posted on Aug 01, 2016

Kevin Breeze:

I have tried for days and cannot get in touch with a live customer service rep from rushcard by calling the 1-866-787-4227, theres no option to speak to someone, i got my first gov't load and there was $18.00 deducted from the $710.00 that was loaded from gov't deposit, available was $692.00, what happened to the $18.00. what real number can i call to get c.service live on phone,if not have c.service call me at 845-551-7991 name is kevin. thank youPosted on Jul 30, 2016


I have my work check going direct deposited and it posted then i go to get the money off and the funds isn't there anymore! Call customer service and it says its there so i go back online money is gone card is blocked! No one answers the phones all you get is recordings! I am reporting to the Better Bureau!Posted on Jul 28, 2016

Jonathan Rodriguez:

I need a real customer service rep. My account showed my check balance around 8 am, but was declined at point of purchase. And said insufficient funds at ATM withdrawal. Today is Thursday, and its always in Wednesday night. Now its showings a $0 balance. Where's my money and how can I talk to a real person???Posted on Jul 28, 2016

Kimberly Thomas:

When I called my card this morning, it had my posted amount from my job but was not posted online nor on my email. I called the card back two hours later & it then said $0.08. Why hasn't my money been posted & why did it have the amount on the card then turned around to have it disappear??Posted on Jul 28, 2016

Michele Coleman:

Please call me 6628209307 just got paid today and my payroll check is not on there whatsapp. it was posted at 12:12 this morning now its saying i have 0 balance..Posted on Jul 28, 2016

Chanaeah craft:

Rush card took my money 249$ out of my account, I just had 249$ and now I have 0.36 cents. I'm trying to call customer service and no luck. I don't understand what happened to my money but I will be closing my account because this is out rajeous and I will be reporting this to the IRS.Posted on Jul 28, 2016


I'm done with rushcard! My money showed up 7:30 this morning and it still says pending. The Customer Number don't offer to speak to a live agent. Give me my money so i can close out this account! I will tell everyone not to get a rushcard.Posted on Jul 28, 2016

Shantelly Cartagena:

I can never speak to a live agent, been waiting for a refund of $196.00 for over a week now. I go online st says pending yet I can NEVER get a live representative on the phone. I was told by the merchant would only take 24-48 hrs for a refund it has now been more then business days. I need my money and can't get it, not to mention I have been a member for over 10 years! Not fair & definitely not OK! I need this matter resolved immediately or I will be forced to close the acct.Posted on Jul 28, 2016


Hey this is Taqana and I was wondering why my money didn't load on it my card around 4:30 pm can someone please get back with me and maybe take a look at it..Posted on Jul 27, 2016

ShaRonda Stout:

I've been trying to contact customer service for almost 2 hours and i can't get any one to answer. My money is on my card and i can't withdraw any if it. I am from Memphis and i am in Missouri. I need to know why i can't withdraw my funds. I gotta get home. Contact me at 9016147163. I been with rushcard a long time. I'm trying not to switch.Posted on Jul 27, 2016

Sharon Owens:

Good morning, my name is Sharon Owens and I have been a member since 2009 and I have been trying to contact customer service for over a month now to get a new card, when I call the voice mail says that my card is not activated but I never received a card, I moved and I think my card went to my old address.Posted on Jul 26, 2016

Heather Cadwell:

My bill is almost over due and i would like to get my money back on my card are get my bill paid. My card ending in 7295. ThanksPosted on Jul 24, 2016

Heather Cadwell:

I paid $147 dollars off of my rush card July 16th to Alabama power and Alabama power hasn't received my payment yet but the funds are taken off my card. I would like to know what's going on.Posted on Jul 24, 2016

tesha radford:

Hi my name Tesha Haskins Radford i lost my rushcard and i need a replacement card immediately i have direct deposits set up for that card.Posted on Jul 24, 2016

Ashley McClain:

I've been trying to talk to a representative and i keep getting the automated system its really frustrating and you need to fix it like asap...Posted on Jul 22, 2016

Marlon Sampson:

I need to get a hold of someone to assist with my account and I can't get nobody on the phone. My money is locked up and I need a new card.Posted on Jul 21, 2016


Trying to contact rushcard to update personal information unable to log on or speak to a representative what is the problem with CSR.Posted on Jul 21, 2016

Luz medina:

I been a Rushcard costumer for over 3 yrs and I'm short on my deposit none to talk to I need a member service to call me 5139522670.Posted on Jul 14, 2016

Brandon lamar:

I been with rushcard for over 4 yrs and I have a set auto draft when My check gets in my account...This is the 3rd time with in 4 yrs that my money didn't come in as usual so I'ma have to pay late fees again cause of rushcard (PROFESSIONALS) after I get my deposit(If I get it) I'm dropping this account.Posted on Jul 07, 2016

William Jackson:

My name is William Jackson and i still haven't received my rush card and its been two weeks since i order it.Posted on Jul 03, 2016

Andrea Johnson:

Andrea Johnson 4104891193432704 moved card expired. Security questions I could not remember. you all asked for information. I sent what you asked for but am still having problems getting help You said you could not read my I'd and social so I sent it again. I have been dealing with all for years and can't seem to get anyone to give me any real help. Everything you asked for I sent. So why is the problem. She said need proof of address I sent my social security paper it has the date and my bank statement which all have the dates. So what is the problem. 6016425982.Posted on Jun 29, 2016

Kelly R Moore:

I need to know where my money is that was supposed to be put back on my card when it was stolen I have done everything I was suppose to. I discussed the issue with y'all on 04/2016 what taking so long?Posted on Jun 29, 2016

Vennessa Johnson:

Hey I was calling y'all when y'all putting my 45 dollar on my card I send the paper back.Posted on Jun 28, 2016

Alanna DeAngelis:

Customer stinks can't talk to a real person.Posted on Jun 27, 2016

Megan Matheny:

Is there a number to talk to someone regarding Rush Card???Posted on Jun 26, 2016


I cancelled out a payment on my rush card for a hotel in franklin indiana and they said that my money would be back on my card but it isn't... I need my money..... ASAP please... I've been waiting for it to get deposited on my rush card for about a week now and this is ridiculous.... I am very displeased with the service that I am getting from the rush card customer service employees.... I'm sorry but it's my money and I need it now.... please and thank you.Posted on Jun 03, 2016

Audrey Melton Witherspoon:

Audrey Melton Witherspoon: I need to talk to corporate about my money. They said I they was holding my money because to much money was being put on the in a day. They said that they need the ssn of the person that was sending me money.Posted on May 17, 2016

Becky Love:

Yes, I try to see why its say my card it say that I can't active my card and I have deposit my money on this card.Posted on May 11, 2016


Cricket has charge my card 4 times and it don't go through when will my money be back on my card.Posted on May 06, 2016


Worse experience of my life with this ridiculous card. The process of someone stealing your information is beyond the worse. All you get is reps from overseas that don't understand a damn thing. I've called this company twenty times in the past 4 days and my issue is yet to be resolved. I'll never again use this company or any other prepaid company again.Posted on Apr 21, 2016

Tina Arline:

I requested for a new Card back in early December with a name change sent in all my correct documents that they ask for and still haven't receive the correct one. The reps including the supervisors lie to you give incorrect information as well as fake names and badge I'd for themselves. They have sent out wrong cards already claiming corporate has fix the issues and nothing has change. They have also deactivated my old card where I can't use it until they get me the correct one. I'm so upset with this company that I'm taking my business elsewhere.Posted on Feb 21, 2016


I am angry I can't get my money back and I can't use the card. I am thinking that this company need to get sued!...i am so frustrated I can't even receive my money from the store I try to reach customer service and when I did they do something to the card I can't even get to the balance anymore or get to talk to anyone the second time around. my girlfriend is the primary card holder and we both tried. it's just $70 help us get the card to work or give it back. I still have my receipt and I can't get a refund because when I call the system is asking for a Money Pak green dot account card number. no isn't that just convenient when I only have a regular receipt. Hey I need my money back. I put money money this Rush card to make a purchase online from about 7:00 pm 2/18/2016 and now am still up the following morning at 6:00 am trying to figure shit out. The number on the card is 4373090003277656 call me asap 7169395203.Posted on Feb 19, 2016

Wanda Vazquez:

I used my rush card at a gas station today and made a purchase of gas in the amount of 20.00 and I got charged 100.00 I'm call to make a dispute and have been on the phone for over an hour.Posted on Feb 09, 2016

Courtney hutson:

I need to talk to corporate about rush not giving me my money, I send in documenrsu and they say they was never received, tired of playing a gamePosted on Jan 31, 2016

Vicky Scott:

My rush card is to expire 01/16 & I haven't gotten my new card yet I'm to have my taxes done on February2 e-file so I need my new card so I can get my taxes money on it so can you send me a new one soon Thankyou very much. You have me on file my card number is 4104-8911-6709-9711Posted on Jan 31, 2016


what is going on with Rush Card Customer Services. I have been trying to contact them for 2weeks and all the phone do is ring. I will be cancelling my account with them. I have been a member since 2005.Posted on Nov 19, 2015

Shannon Reynolds:

Hi my name is Shannon Reynolds and I have a rush card # 4104891180604307. I filed a dispute quite a while ago and haven't heard back from anyone about it nor have i got my money back! Please call me at 949-702-1783 asap Thank You Shannon Reynolds.Posted on Nov 15, 2015


I have been trying since 10:30am to change my ATM pin to my card. It is now 5:00pm and all i am getting is the "run a round" and the customer service agents are very stupid and rude!!!! I'm am a very pissed off person I have been a rush-card member for 8 years but always dis-appointed with its service.Posted on Nov 10, 2015

Destiny Vasquez:

Hello, i have two debit Visa cards on is inactive and had money but i lost the card. The other card I have was wondering if it was possible to transfer the money to active card and take off the inactive card . Please help.Posted on Nov 08, 2015

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