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Chevron Cars Limited is a racing cars manufacturing company. Derek Bennett founded Chevron Cars Limited in 1965. After some years, earlier Chevron models & replacement parts were built under name of Chevron Cars Limited. In 2005, Chevron Cars Limited was changed to Chevron Racing Cars limited as Vin Malkie owned the company. Grand Tourer racing car was designed under the brand name Chevron Racing Cars. Many Racing cars models were built by Chevron Racing Cars Limited, some of them models are B1, B2, B3 - Ford, B 4 – BMW, B 5 - BRM, B 6 – Ford / BMW, B 7, B 8, B 9 / B 9 B, B 10, B 12 Repco, B 14, B 15/ B 15 B / B 15 C, B 16 Coupe, B 16 Spyder, B 17 / B C, B 18, B 19, B 20, B 21, B 23, B 24, B 25, B 26, B 27, B 28, B 29, B 30, B 31, B 32, B 34, B 35, B 36, B 37, B 38, B 39, B 40, B 41, B 42, B 43, B 45, B 46, B 47, B 48, B 49, B 50, B 51, B 52, B 53, B 54, B 56, B 60, B 61, B 62, B 63, B 64, B 65, B 75 and GR8. F1, F2, F3 and F 5000 cars, which are single seater and Small capacity some sports cars were notable by name of Chevron Racing Cars Limited.

In starting chevron racing cars were developed by Clubmans special (Sports Car with ford engine) concept. Chris smith bought major shares in 2006 of Chevron Racing Cars Limited by owners of company (Roger Andreason and Tim Colman), but in 2011 July, shareholders, Roger Andreason and Tim Colman, bought the same back from Chris Smith.

Chevron Customer Service Number
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